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Onramp is a program for businesses looking to launch or rebrand ASAP.

This bundle brings together our top services at a discounted rate. It provides the materials an entrepreneur needs to start networking, pitching to investors, or selling to customers within just 2-4 weeks.


What’s Included

Everything you need to launch.



Your logo represents your level of taste and the quality of your business’ products and services. We’ll design a bold, sleek, and totally unique icon or custom lettering for your brand.

+ 3 Design Options
+ 2 Revision Rounds
+ 2 Fonts
+ 2 Colors

Business Cards

While a quality web presence is crucial, we can’t forget in-person encounters. Who you meet and take time to know will play a major role in the success of your business. Your business card is the first step in that long journey.

+ 1 Front + Back Design
+ 2 Revision Rounds
+ Moo Account Setup


Whether it’s a professional portrait of you or your team, photos of your space or products, or a search for stock photos and graphics, we will provide the imagery that your website needs to look like hot fire.

+ Local Photographer Search (or)
+ Stock Image Search

Custom graphic design services can also be arranged.

Web Design

You are fully committed to this new business venture, and you’re ready to launch it with a great website that will impress customers, investors, and all those people you wanna prove wrong!

+ Squarespace Account Setup
+ 5-9 Section Landing Page
+ Contact Page and/or Footer
+ Content Ideas
+ Policy Page(s)
+ 404 Page
+ Lockscreen Page

+ 3 Hours of Copywriting Support.
Writing about yourself and your company is sometimes the hardest thing to do. With a few notes from you and a little research on our part, we can tell your story in your voice.

+ GoDaddy Domain Name.
We’ll help you identify the best domain name for your new business, which you will purchase on your own account separately.

+ G Suite Email Setup.
Lose the and get yourself a big girl email with your domain name.

+ Google Search Console Setup.
This tells Google to watch your website and reward it with a higher search ranking.

+ Google My Business Setup.
If your business provides in-person services, this will help locals discover your business when they search for services like yours.

+ Web Management Training.
We’ll teach you how to manage your site on your own so that you’re not stuck paying money for every single edit. You’ll also gain access to our stupidly-simple, click-by-click guides.


Your Investment


That’s all it costs to launch your dream business within just a couple weeks! To make it even easier, payment plans are available.


The Team

Who’s running this thing?

Elisabeth Bridges, Founder and Lead Architect of BRDG

Elisabeth Bridges

owner, account exec

Elisabeth will be your primary point of contact as you go through the process. You’ll work with her on content planning before she hands it over to the development team. The project will also end with her help setting up the Google features and walking you through the web management.


Ashlee Kluz

lead web designer

Ashlee will take your vision and expand it into a new, iconic brand identity for your business. She will design the logo and business cards, find or create the perfect imagery, and then build a dynamic landing page — Everything you need to move forward with your business.


Why choose this program?

You save so much time.

Instead of learning how to do everything yourself, we can save you months of hard, confusing work because we do this stuff every single day. In less than a month, you’ll be able to start networking, pitching to investors, or selling to customers.

You can focus.

You stay focused on building your business’ structure and refining your products or services so that you can make your investment back as soon as you launch. (Most of our clients make it back within the first month, if not week!) Doing what you do best is exactly what your business needs.

You gain a partner.

We’re in it for the long haul, sailor. When you succeed, it makes us feel effective and warm n fuzzy inside, so we selfishly want to see you go far. We made it our life’s work to support small businesses and make sure you never have to go back to the way things were.


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