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Get out a notepad! This guide will help you determine all of the content and services you need to have an amazing website built for you.

This big ol’ page is filled to the brim with information that should answer any question you might have about what’s possible for your website, what we can offer, and how to get the ball rolling right away.

If you already know what you want –


The Steps Ahead

1. Sections

2. Features

3. Services

4. Estimate

5. Preparation




How many sections will your website have?



Content Examples

Intro to Company.
A quick rundown of what you’re all about. This is a great place to establish the personality of your brand.

Owner Feature.
Sharing your founder’s background makes your company feel more personable, approachable, and trustworthy.

Team Feature.
Show the faces of those who produce the work that your company provides.

Services / Menu.
Not only does this help the customer shop and compare you to competitors, but it gets important keywords onto your site for SEO.

Philosophy / Mission Statement.
An in-depth explanation of what your company believes in, its values, and how it aims to make an impact.

Your Process.
Show your customers how easy it is to work with you and what all they can expect.

Certifications and/or awards that prove your credibility and worth even more.

This can be in the form of a calendar, a list, or a unique view that fits your needs.

These word-of-mouth pieces are the most effective ways to build trust and sell your services to customers.

Company Story.
The story about why the company started and what’s transpired since it began.

Media Gallery.
Videos and photos that show customers what your company is about. Different than a portfolio.

Holiday, Seasonal, Military, Student, BOGO, Gift Cards… Any and all discounts, limited time offers, or special gifts.

Let people know how far your services reach and get those juicy keywords in for SEO.

You can offer a free resource or sample to bring traffic to your website and build your contact list.

More than just photos and videos, portfolio pieces should point out details and discuss the intention behind the work.

This is a great place to give answers to questions that might be holding people back from choosing you.

Social Media Feed.
Feature your active Instagram or Twitter feeds to encourage follows.

List specific openings or have a general outline of what you’re always on the hunt for.

Company Benefits.
Getting into detail about your company culture and employment perks to encourage applications for your open positions.

Infographic / Statistics.
Use real life examples and data to sell the value of your products and services.

The additional benefits of choosing your company.


Keep it simple (Name, Email, Message) or have this form gather additional information that you need.

Newsletter Sign-Up.
If you plan on producing content regularly (blog, social media, etc), email might be another effective channel for you.

Referral Program.
Reward people for recommending you to their friends. This is an effective way to generate leads.

Ambassador Program.
Collaborate with influencers who will spread the good word about you to their followers.

Job Application.
Ask a few of your most important questions to help you determine if an interview is in order.

Free Quote Request.
If you sell custom work, offering a quote is crucial. This form is a great thing to promote to get people in the door.


Privacy Policy.
Required by law. You must be transparent with how you handle the personal information you gather from your site’s visitors.

We do not charge for this page, unless you need us to write one for you.

Terms of Service.
Protect yourself and your work by outlining things like your expectations and process.

Store Policies.
Let your customers know your Returns, Shipping, and other store guidelines so that they’re not taken by surprise.

Avoid headaches by making it clear what you’re not liable for and what your limitations are.

For example, ours: We cannot give legal advice, but we are familiar with guidelines. The terms and policies we write for our clients are based on the extensive research we’ve conducted and the advice we’ve received. It’s important that you read through everything we write and make edits where you see fit so that you have real ownership over your terms and policies.

Product Pages

Ingredients, materials, sizing, and other required details for the customer to know before purchasing.

Photos or videos that give the customer a closer look at the individual product.

A section that features a few other related products that customers might be interested in.

Order Form.
Some purchases (primarily digital services) require a form to be completed to gather information or files from the customer.

Show off some of the great things people have said about the product along with a spot for new reviews to be written.


Step 2


Which useful features can we set up for you?



Third-Party Examples

(THIS IS OUR FAVORITE PROGRAM EVER.) Manage your project management, sales process, expenses, long term goals, and basically everything ever in one amazing, beautiful place.

Facebook Pixel.
Collect visitor data that can help inform your Facebook Ad Campaigns so that they’re more effective.

Shopify Buy Button.
If you’re using Shopify for Dropshipping or any other reason, your store can be featured seamlessly on your new Squarespace marketing site.

Google My Business.
Help locals discover your business when they search for services like yours. Have physical locations show up on Google Maps!

G Suite Email.
Lose the and get yourself a big girl email with your domain name.

Google Search Console.
This tells Google to watch your website and reward it with a higher search ranking.

Google Analytics.
Learn all about who’s visiting your website and what they’re drawn to the most.

Answer fewer phone calls and emails by automating your appointment booking process. Even require payments right away!

GiftUp Gift Cards.
An easy way to bring in additional revenue throughout the year, especially during holidays.

Restaurant owners, allow customers to book reservations from your site.


Step 3


How can we help complete the website?



Creative Services

Font + Color Selection.
We can set the styling for your website by choosing 3 font stylings for Headings 1-3 and 2 colors that we feel match your brand perfectly.

Graphic Design.
We can support your website with image retouching or the creation of unique artistic details, icons, and infographics.

Logo Design.
Your logo represents your level of taste and the quality of your business’ products and services. When you choose us, you choose our modern, clean, and often minimalist style.

Writing about yourself and your company is sometimes the hardest thing to do. With a few notes from you and a little research on our part, we can tell your story in your voice.

Blog Content Creation.
Blogs help position you as an expert in your industry and give your audience reasons to come back to your website. They also tell the SEO gods to cast their gaze upon you and reward you with improved search rankings.

Stock Image Search.
We default to free resource sites, unless you are in search of more unique / less frequently-used assets, for which we’ll turn to paid options. We’ll determine a photography style, find the right images, resize or edit to fit the website’s needs, and name the file with valuable keywords to help SEO.

Lead Generation Strategy.
To help drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers, we’ll provide a detailed strategy that we believe will work best for your business.


Step 4