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Billing Assistance
Naples, FL

We created a very simple landing page for Elora Capital as they prepare for launch. “Elora” is both the name of the company and a fictional character that runs the service. We designed what she looks like and created illustrations to support the universe she lives in.

It was important to make the overall style vibrant and bright because the service is meant to be really fun and positive (the opposite of a typical collection’s agency image).

We designed the simple text logo, some avatars, and a series of social media posts to pair with the announcement of the company. We provided a brand voice and content strategy for their future.



Home Organization
Naples, FL

We wanted to make a homepage that was super straight to the point, where the visitor wouldn’t need to make a single click to get the info that they would need to make a purchase decision. It’s like “Here’s our name, one sentence that describes us, three services to choose from, and how much they cost.” Up-front, transparent, effective.

The imagery is laid out like sorted photos / papers on a table, which is not something viewers are to pick up on — this was merely a concept that helped guide the design.

In addition to the website, we created the logo variations, a branded tidying checklist, client gift bag, custom containers, and a simple clear sticker label for them to apply to any bottle they use for their homemade linen spray.

This project was done through Onramp, our advanced program that launches businesses in as little as two weeks. (Harbor only took 5 days!!)



Orange County, CA

Akioni’s Catering now has a fresh new website that better represents the high quality of his service and actually works FOR him. (Your website should be more than beautiful — it should perform a function that makes your day easier, much like an assistant.) 

The new website is a place that Aki can send clients to see inspiration, plan their menu, determine their budget, and submit information about their event. All of these things would have had to be done over the phone or email without the website.

We also did a recreation of the logo to give it clean lines and symmetry.



Moberly, MO

Christine of Ivy + Ink Photography is a dynamic, unique, and warm person, and it was important that her website reflects that. This new site needed to have more energy and personality and display her new style with lots and lots of big big images. Her past work had a color palette that differs from the one she’s focused on now, so we created a moodboard to help sell her signature style.

Sidenote: One might think that a set color palette would limit the amount of work a photographer could bring in, but it’s actually the opposite! Niches can really boost sales. Business owners sometimes get scared of the word “niche” because they think it implies “tiny audience,” but it really means “specific audience.” And specificity is KING. People like to know what they’re getting into, especially when they’re handing over a lot of money. Clearly displaying what can be expected helps eliminate the fear that customers often feel with service providers who offer a broad range (of whatever it is they sell).

In addition to design, we were hired to write all of the copy for the site as well as the first blog post. She wanted a mix of inspirational bits and humor / weirdness.

Working with a business that comes with gorgeous imagery is always a great experience.



Event Venue
Milwaukee, WI

Villa Filomena is a fabulous historic mansion in downtown Milwaukee WI. The home was transformed into an event venue that’s unlike anything else in the city!

Our favorite characteristic is the exterior that is completely covered in lush vines, which really sets it apart from other historic homes. In our eyes, the plants sort of represent this fresh force of life that revitalizes the old structure. The contrast / balance is very interesting. And when you’re out in the Garden Terrace, the greenery really makes the space feel like fantasy.

We begin the site by setting the stage and giving the visitor the feeling one would have when walking up to this big, beautiful, lush mansion. We chose images that focused in on interesting details. Then, to spark a little delight, we peppered in artistic leafy details. We primarily used watercolor leaves, but on occasion, we would throw in these really modern gold leaves. It felt like the right thing to do to match the vibrant personality they wanted to see in the copy, which we helped write.

Even though we only had access to wedding image galleries, we didn’t want this new site to be as wedding-heavy as the last one was, because they offer the space to many other types of events. The homepage is especially neutral, to avoid deterring anyone from considering it for their private event.

History doesn’t have to be stuffy, dusty, and roped off. History can and should be experienced and cherished – which is exactly what happens at Villa Filomena!



Nutritional Supplements
Portland, OR

NTRL Nutrition provides nutrition and fitness services alongside a line of plant-based supplements, which were designed to give those with allergies (dairy, gluten, soy, etc) a product that they can finally take. They do this by trying to reflect what’s found in nature.

We paired their creative direction with vibrant gradients to represent the energy they want to inspire (internally) and provide through the use of their supplements (externally). The colors also have a techy feel, which can represent the advanced scientific research behind their products and services.

The concept of reflecting nature is what triggered the mirror shard idea. It paired nicely with the geometric and abstract art style that was requested by the client.

The other request was to use dynamic photography of nature, to match their messaging strategy of living a life of authenticity, meaningful experiences, adventure, and conquered challenges.

For the website, we swapped out all of the blue that was there for a green theme to match the focus on the Protein product. We’ve been doing green for their trade show setup and marketing materials.

New colors, new fonts, header imagery was changed from stock to unique, content was moved around, the geometric symbols from the packaging were incorporated into the site, and we added in some motivational statements with the vibrant gradient.



Milwaukee, WI

Abigail Kathleen Photography captures the most beautiful and human moments with a moody and romantic artistic style. In our quick, 1-day refresh, our focus was on really selling that.

The original website had a beautiful background color that matched the richness of the work's color palette, but we wanted to bring in some light and contrast to excite the eye as it made its way down each page.

What we aimed to solve: Being an artist and a business owner is a jam packed life. It can be a pain in the booty to constantly update a website with new portfolio work.

So we applied 2 efficiency solutions.

1. Because Abigail Kathleen maintains a consistent style, we thought it'd be great to include a moodboard that sells her taste and creative direction for her. The moodboard acting as a product that can be bought.

2. If you have to be selective with your time, it's more valuable to update your social media galleries than the ones on your website because that's where the people are. Instead of doing double the work, we got rid of the website gallery and added her Instagram stream, which she frequently updates.



House Cleaning
Las Vegas, NV

Their former website had a lot of color and personality, but it was time for a refresh. In addition to changing the style, we reorganized all of the pages and blogs to produce better experiences and SEO results.

The Careers page was a big focus for us. The old page was mostly an application form. It lacked the necessary sales pitch to the potential hire, who would love to know what they’re getting involved in. This new page not only helps attract applicants, but it gives some transparency to customers who can now learn about the process and attention to detail.

We lightened up their existing color palette of blue, pink, and yellow for a fresher feel. We wanted the site to keep its personality, but we wanted to do it with less visual clutter so that the viewer feels a sense of cleanliness.

Outside of the house cleaning, what Sparkly really sells is FREEDOM. They’re clearing the customer’s schedule for some delicious me-time. At the top of the homepage is a scrolling list of everything the customer can spend their day doing instead of cleaning their home. This message is scattered across the site as well as the print materials we also created.



Milwaukee, WI

JCW Tax + Accounting continues to be voted “Best of Milwaukee,” so it was important that he have a website that fit that image a bit better.

We reimagined the existing content by adding new imagery and playing with layouts and whitespace to break up the walls of text. We mentioned the awards in multiple places and peppered in testimonials all around the pages to really show that he’s valued and the right choice to make. Testimonials don’t always need to live in one place. Sometimes they can be spread around to add warmth and personality, especially when the content is a little dense.

He first came to us wanting a few changes made to the existing site, but we knew that we could make better use of his budget by doing a total rebuild on Squarespace instead.

This was a simple and quick project that resulted in a huge change!



Irvine, CA

This logo was designed last year for an internal team at Blizzard Entertainment, creators of several internationally popular video games, such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. This is NOT a logo that is associated with a new product. This design serves a cultural purpose within the company.

They were seeking a logo that could be used for internal communications and team swag. They wanted the design to match these keywords: Technology, Computer Science, Circuitry, Future, Science, Minimal, Clean, Clear, and Matrix.

We presented a few directions before determining a favorite. The focus was on finding the right “0.” Multiple variations of the final logo were also delivered, whether or not they will ever use them.

Feeling a sense of belonging is crucial for life satisfaction — and creating a team identity and merchandise do make a difference. We hope the use of this work unites the team and is worn with pride!



Bishop, CA

For the new logo, we played with dozens of shapes that represent the sun, a grill, and the area. We love that the client’s favorite option is in the minimalist and symbolic realm with an ancient desert vibe.

When we design logos, we try out literal and abstract designs. We even create designs that we know won’t work, because they might lead us to new ideas. It’s important to actually see them in front of you, instead of just imagine them. To avoid decision paralysis, we always narrow down our experiments and present just a few favorites.

After Blazing Sun chose the spark symbol, they asked to see some shape variation around the logo. Their piece of the country’s Southwest (Bishop, CA) is largely defined by its mountain range. So, instead of just the expected sun arches, we threw in a mountain shape, which ended up being the client’s favorite.

The primary logo is the lone spark, and it can be displayed in any of the 4 arrangements shown on the “New Options” image. We don’t believe that all logos need to be restricted to just 1 view.



Event Production
Milwaukee, WI

We took a look at the other event planning and inspiration sites that clients would be browsing while working with David Charles Productions … The Knot, WeddingWire, Instagram, Pinterest… You see brighter colors, whitespace, and round shapes / edges. We wanted the branding and website to feel like a piece that fits into the same puzzle of the event planning experience.

Local competitors all had very dark, heavy themed websites, which is not what you’d think of for a wedding or an exciting event. The previous DCP site was brighter than the competitors, which was in the right direction. We wanted to show off bigger visuals and bring in some smooth / softness by adding more whitespace and dialing back the font weight.

Part of this client feature is an example of our Font and Color Selection service (typically used for website cosmetics) being used for a simple logo redesign. The specific styling of “DCP” was requested by the client. After creating it, we matched it with a font that shared its shape for the full “David Charles Productions” version of the logo.

The color blue was requested, so we paired a light, vibrant blue with a medium, matured blue. Creating a gradient with them brought in some energy, which is what an event production team does to an event. We’d like for this gradient to appear in more places as we continue to expand the site and develop marketing materials.



Vancouver, WA

Redwood Recovery Center wanted a logo that was ownable and represented hope, the path forward, and the Pacific Northwestern setting they were in.

The main shape within the logo is a mountain with a horizon line - Representing the new life (horizon) that awaits them beyond the great challenge (mountain). We duplicated this icon to form an abstract tree (redwood). As a bonus, the triangles also give the appearance of arrows pointing upward, which can symbolize the act of rising above temptation.

The statement “We rise by lifting others” ties the arrows to the crucial sponsorship component to recovery. We then encased it all in a circle, which is a prominent symbol in recovery that denotes unity.

Most of the time, you see logos existing in only one form. For Redwood, the mountain + horizon icon can be used in a number of ways, outside of the tree. In this series of images, we show a few examples of experimentation. It can become a pattern, it can form a new shape, it can be featured in a more detailed graphic, etc.